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"She is a superb harpist with afine technique, a warm and focused sound, and an excellent musical sense." Hugh Wolff, dirigent



Meditative Harfenklänge zum Träumen und Genießen


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InterviewProgramm for music lovers and discoverers: Adelheid Kleine presents the harpist Anne-Sophie Bertrand.


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Katzenberger-02, SACD



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Frauenchor und Harfe

Frauenchor und Harfe"Die Fülle des Wohllauts": The new CD of the Kammerchor

Music of Rheinberger and Holst

With Anne-Sophie Bertrand, Harp, and the Kammerchors from the Erlöserkirche in Bad Homburg.


Gemeindebüro der Erlöserkirche (Church of the Redeemer)

Dorotheenstraße 3

61348 Bad Homburg (Germany)


CD Takemitsu


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CD Abendstille

Evening songs and Lieder in instrumental arrangements.

Saxophone and harp are two different worlds.

In this production the relation beetween strong and smooth, loud and soft, old and new create a unique tension: the melodic and legato Saxophon sounds suit perfectely the perles-like Arpeggios of the harp.

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Sancta Maria

CD Sancta Maria

The most beautiful hymns to Maria, gospel songs and concerts.

Harp & Trumpet

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CD Weihnachtsharfe

Christmas Harp: The most beautiful songs and melodies to heard.

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Ave Maria

CD Ave MariaAve Maria, hymn to Maria, is one of the oldest and most moving prayers.

Composers from all periods have dedicated music to this theme. It's most beautiful variations are presented on this cd. Next to the classical pieces from Schubert, Gounod and Bruckner there are works from Mendelssohn, Brahms, Verdi, Donizetti a.o. to be discovered.

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